Nuclear Power for Atomic Bomb or for Electricity? What does the Koran say?

Before the Islamic Revolution (1979) the issue of transexuality in Iran (sounds like a joke) had never been officially addressed by the government. After 1980 however transsexual individuals have been allowed to undergo sex reassignment surgery. As of 2008 Iran carries out more sex changes operations than any other nation in the world except for Thailand.

Imam Khomeini has addressed this issue of changing gender with complete confidence. He states: it is not a sin. An action is allowed unless it states specifically in the Koran. Why is adultery on the seven deadly sins? Because it specifically says so in the Koran. Because it does not specifically say sex chance is a sin, therefore, we cannot call it a sin. If  it is a sin because you are changing God’s natural order, then all of our daily tasks would be sins! You take wheat and turn it into flour and turn that into bread. That’s a change! You cut a tree down and make a table or chair. Well, that is a change in God’s natural order…

Source: Only Democracy 4 Iran – Be Like Others, 2008, documentary film, by Tanaz Eshaghian