TIF – Thessaloniki Insertions Fair

On Saturday Sep. 10, the PM will go to Thessaloniki in order to give the annual demonstration in the Thessaloniki Insertions Fair (TIF)

The proud indignados of Thessaloniki and a few from Athens will be there to give a warm welcome and an encouragement hug to our PM, plus some lubricants to make his life easier.

Belly reshuffling

On the 28th of February of 1943, on a Sunday, the enslaved and starved Greeks buried Kostis Palamas at the First Cemetery of Athens.

Paraphrasing the unique phrase that Angelos Sikelianos said in this funeral: “On this coffin rests the whole of Greece”, I noted (on Greek) at the top of the drawing: “On this bellies rests the whole of Greece” inspired by the today reshuffling of the government by prime minister Georges Papandreou…

Happy birthday Mr. President

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Mr. President, Happy Birthday to you, Thank’s Mr. President For all the things you haven’t done the battles you’ve lost -, The way you deal with IMF And our problems by the ton, We thank you – so much. Everybody Happy Birthday!

…and the Winner is: Greece!!!

I was so happy this morning to discover in Euronews that Greece is the world’s lowest rated country!

Finally we are the lowest of the lowers!

We have to make a union with Jamaica and Ecuador and exchange some ideas of how we can become even lower…


I think that Jamaican are the coolest people on earth and Ecuadorians the sweetest…


SOS please don’t westernize Africa

“Africa squared up to fight for a better economic deal with the European Union on Monday as Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi opened a key summit warning the continent was ready to do business elsewhere.

“We have failed in our economic partnership with Europe,” Kadhafi told leaders of 80 nations gathered in the high-rise seaside Libyan capital for the two-day talks.

Opening the first summit in three years between the two continents, Kadhafi reopened old wounds between former colonial powers and nations marking half a century of independence at a time when the onus is on efforts to seal a “new, equal” partnership.”  by Claire Rosemberg (AFP)

Either Kadhafi doesn’t know what an economic deal implies, or he really doesn’t give a shit… And our smart ass Mr. Georges Papandreou rushed in Africa to help. Monkey see, monkey do…