SOS please don’t westernize Africa

“Africa squared up to fight for a better economic deal with the European Union on Monday as Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi opened a key summit warning the continent was ready to do business elsewhere.

“We have failed in our economic partnership with Europe,” Kadhafi told leaders of 80 nations gathered in the high-rise seaside Libyan capital for the two-day talks.

Opening the first summit in three years between the two continents, Kadhafi reopened old wounds between former colonial powers and nations marking half a century of independence at a time when the onus is on efforts to seal a “new, equal” partnership.”  by Claire Rosemberg (AFP)

Either Kadhafi doesn’t know what an economic deal implies, or he really doesn’t give a shit… And our smart ass Mr. Georges Papandreou rushed in Africa to help. Monkey see, monkey do…

look mama! I have breasts

Since October is breast cancer month, I couldn’t help it and keep silent… Bon voyage Mrs. Sesay, rest in peace…

Just a note… Orphaned chimpanzees in Congo

An 18-month-study of remote human settlements deep in the Congolese jungle warns that chimpanzees are being subjected to a “wave of killing” by hunters pursuing them for bushmeat. One consequence is the continual growth in the number of “bushmeat orphans” – those infants who are too small to be killed for meat, and are often put on black market for sale as pets.