@Beton7 Art Radio – #My_Porno_Project – Constantine the Great & the Art of Pornography

Tuesday’s #My_Porno_Project was the first interactive one. Constantine Papamichalopoulos @MilitaryRaiden came to my studio and talked, drew, and observed each other completely naked. One can see the result of this project through our notes. Enjoy our pornographic quests through his #k_porn and #My_Porno_Project

@Beton7ArtRadio We Speak Art – #1 Les Chandelles & the risk of being classified as an obscene person

My first radio broadcast at Beton7 Art Radio was a lovely experience…! First of all my show is “My Porno Project” where art immitates life and life immitates art…!

Second, I was really prepared as you can see in my notes, but the anxiety of “ON AIR” was overwhelming so I lost my voice and speak nothing but nonsense…!

Third, I had this finest idea to start drinking little shots of vodka to relax, so finally I relaxed a little bit more than “appropriate”. The result was me flerting with the microphone and the small audience flerting with me, which I enjoyed extremely and even got a little horny at some point…! So I officially declare myself as a “libertine”, a proud title that I will try to keep for the rest of my life…!

Many many thanks to my dearest & sexy Loukas Dimitrellos who plays the best music ever and he even played vinyl for me…

Link of “Les Chandelles” so that everybody knows what are we talking about…! Enjoy it’s fantastic music selection