#21 black OR white

…no need to hung yourself, although death by erotic asphyxiation is a reason to die for… My Porno Project is here for you, you, you, you, and you…. (and many many more….)                    

watch Black Tie here (with English subtitles)

if you speak Greek you should read an exclusive contemporary poet in this link

During the acoustic part of last night’s MPP I was reading parts of the “Handbook of Good Manners for Little Girls”, and yes I have a link for english reading here thanks to a dear friend!

you can listen to MPP #21 black OR white

Music selection by Lambros Bassaras

Thank you Mat & Sarantis

#20 My Porno Project – Easter Bunnies & Other Stories

MPP is getting bigger and stronger…!

Last night @ Beton7 Art Radio we’ve mubbled about Easter Bunnies

…virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus

…virginity and chastity


…and Mary Magdalene

All the above where under the selected music of Nicol Chorinopoulou

You listen to MPP here: #20 Easter Bunnies & Other Stories

All Time Porno Classic

It doesn’t really matter how you’ve played your cards in life, betting on devil or virtue……follow the snake…

…make love to a banana…or tasted a bit of flesh from your lover’s heart…growing old should find you whispering “If I had my live to live over I would have life filled-engulfed and consumed by lust…”

Vanessa Del Rio is the living example of that…

#19 My Porno Project – Pornographic Drawing

This is me drawing… Anna’s perfect pussy

…and Lola just before…

photographed by Alex Kat

…and talking about Anna’s Book: “Mommy, why mine is not like yours” (only in Greek – so hold your horses) and Georges Bataille‘s, Madame Edwarda, Ma Mere, Le Mort…listening to exquisite nuevo tango by Daniel Melingo & Gerardo Di Giusto

…and thinking about how blur are the limits between pleasure and suffering, life and death

…listen to My Porno Project here  #19 Pornographic Drawing