#20 My Porno Project – Easter Bunnies & Other Stories

MPP is getting bigger and stronger…!

Last night @ Beton7 Art Radio we’ve mubbled about Easter Bunnies

…virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus

…virginity and chastity


…and Mary Magdalene

All the above where under the selected music of Nicol Chorinopoulou

You listen to MPP here: #20 Easter Bunnies & Other Stories

#18 My Porno Project – Pornographic Expressions

…through literature – The Curious Sofa: A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary

…or live web cams…and sex machines

L’ infer…

Pornographic Expressions is your entrance to Hell and I would love to be your tour director… Your will recognize me by the red cross carved on my lower back…

You can listen to My Porno Project here: #18 Pornographic Expressions


#9 My Porno Project – Money, Bestiality, Russian Porn & Snuff

…live from the studio of Beton7 Art Radio at 22:00

Very interesting link is documentary film “Coming Soon”

@Beton7 Art Radio – #My_Porno_Project – Constantine the Great & the Art of Pornography

Tuesday’s #My_Porno_Project was the first interactive one. Constantine Papamichalopoulos @MilitaryRaiden came to my studio and talked, drew, and observed each other completely naked. One can see the result of this project through our notes. Enjoy our pornographic quests through his #k_porn and #My_Porno_Project

My Porno Project #3 – Downloading Section – From the Back

#2 My Porno Project – From the Back – The Great Eastern

…in Greek unfortunately – don’t forget, I’m Greek after all…! Thanks for listening!

My Porno Project #2 – Downloading Section – Mrs Lamprou is the New Mona Lisa

#1 My Porno Project – Mrs Lamprou is the New Mona Lisa

…in Greek unfortunately – don’t forget I’m Greek after all…! Thanks for listening!