Occupy My Cunt

Tomorrow at My Porno Project live 22:00-23:00 @Beton7ArtRadio with my guest Spyros Derveniotis we will discuss about Erotic Comics and Occupy Wall Street (unfortunately in Greek), but the unique music by Loukas Dimitrellos is worldwide understood…! Before the live, Spyros will come to my studio and participate to the interactive part of My Porno Project, which means that we will discuss and keep notes from each other completely naked.

NO more lies

No no no
You don’t love me
and I know now

No no no
You don’t love me
as I know now

Coz you left me
And I got no place to go now

No no no
I’d do anything to stay boy

No no no
I’d do anything to stay boy

Coz if you asked me
I’ll get on my knees and pray boy

Dawn Penn
You Don’t Love Me Lyrics (1967)

1 χρόνος Τεχνηέντως – 1 year Art Fully On Saturday

Trebuchet by Augustine Zenakos

Τεχνηέντως – Αυγουστίνος Ζενάκος

10 ways to get rich…

Based on Warren Buffet’s book “10 ways to get rich”. No offence Mr Buffet “rich” is different for every human being… 🙂

This is not a pornographic blog… or not?

You ladies of merry England

Who have been to kiss the Duchess’s hand,

Pray, did you not lately observe in the show

A noble Italian called Signior Dildo?

From “Signior Dildo” by Lord John Wilmot 

Alexander Kollatos theatrical play: Hellenic economic debt

Notes about Alexander Kollato’s theatrical play. The most interesting play I’ve seen this year…