…even the bird’s milk


If you visit AB Vasilopoulos super market at Petralona and see a dark kind man in the entrance, be kind enough and give him some fruit if you don’t want to share any money. You will receive as an exchange the biggest bow you have ever seen…

…may God* forgive us…!

*God for me is just an expression… sorry “God”

Arsenic Contami-nation

A note inspired by recent arsenic findings in Athens’s atmosphere, racist handling of immigrants requesting asylum and so-called “nationalists” in Greece

Fear + Doubt = Doubt without fear

One should doubt, look deep inside and doubt. But one should act too… Act with or without fear??? But fear raises doubt, or fear again… Excuse my poetic and philosophical mood, usually I’m trying to be a practical human being, and I can’t help wondering: “What kind of human can hurt this old Afghanistan man? In my country we have this kind… We have the kind of human who swear and beat old people, mothers, and children just because they come from countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. As if they are not scared enough…