The Athens Pornographic Times #1 – Butt sneafing is better than demonstrating

The greek text in the picture describes the boredom of a cute stray -wannabe Loukanikos– athenian dog who doesn’t understand why people in Greece always demonstrate about unemployment, homeless people, cut of public sector etc. All he wants is a nice walk under the Greek sun and a butt sneafing with the chubby stray female dog Zaza who is wandering in Ermou street…

“Hell no…! I’m not going to become Loukanikos this year…”

Follow me I’m lost too

I discovered the cutest revolutionary group on twitter which is probably under the same umbrella since all the accounts have 0 following and many followers, plus they have the same pattern. I’m quoting some samples below, enjoy:

Activist Publication


The Activists Publication, created by artists, writers, bloggers, photographers, poets, dedicated to establishing a revolutionary information flow.

The Overt Dictionary


Redefining the world by redefining our lives.



This is my house, this is where I speak my thoughts, this is where I brutalize the masses.

Noam Chomski


This is Noam Chomski, I am the author of Manufacturing Dissent and other revolutionary pamphlets. No relation at all to Noam Chomsky.

Jesus Christ


They have tainted my name, they have abused my vision to sell hate, racism and war. I now speak.

The Starving Child


I am the starving child, the one starved by the IMF and World Bank policies, the one that everyone tries to forget, the one that you wish would just go away.

Activist Quotes


These are my favorite quotes from The Activists Publication. Powerful quotes that inspire me and will hopefully inspire you!

Happy birthday Mr. President

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Mr. President, Happy Birthday to you, Thank’s Mr. President For all the things you haven’t done the battles you’ve lost -, The way you deal with IMF And our problems by the ton, We thank you – so much. Everybody Happy Birthday!

To f@ck or Not to f@ck

Maybe you feel lonely

or your partner fails to satisfy you

or maybe you feel a little bit abused by him/her

still there’s no reason to fuck Dominique Strauss Kahn

IMF – The Exterminator

A post inspired by “La Doncella” an Incan maiden who was found entombed with two other children in a 22,000-foot summit of Mount Llullaillaco near the Chilean border. – the children were sacrificed as part of a religious ritual, known as capacocha – and a hypothetical elimination of the Greek race through the years, because of  the IMF‘s loan agreement to Greece and especially paragraph no.5 of chapter 14:  “Neither the Borrower nor any of its property are immune on the grounds of sovereignty or otherwise from jurisdiction, attachment – whether before or after judgement – or execution in respect of any action or proceeding relating to the Agreement.”


Greek municipal elections 2010

On Sunday 14th of November 2010, while waiting for Greeks to vote for their new local lord, I remembered a video I’ve made on June 2010 for Athens Fringe Festival. I think it fits perfectly to our current “municipal elections 2010” situation. We Greeks, usually vote in local elections with political criteria which is, according to my opinion, our fatal mistake.  I really wish that Αthens will realise sometime that our current mayor senior Nikitas Kaklamanis is nothing but a funny little human being, who after his reelection (God forbid!) will not be funny any more, since he will become more dangerous and arrogant than ever…