#18 My Porno Project – Pornographic Expressions

…through literature – The Curious Sofa: A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary

…or live web cams…and sex machines

L’ infer…

Pornographic Expressions is your entrance to Hell and I would love to be your tour director… Your will recognize me by the red cross carved on my lower back…

You can listen to My Porno Project here: #18 Pornographic Expressions


Look at me…

…and tell me what you see. Pornographic expression is bipolar… the way you stare begging for action, or the way pornography can be expressed through books, magazines, postcards, art, animation, sound recordings, films, video games, live cams, products… I will speak about pornographic expression tomorrow at My Porno Project @ Beton7 Art Radio… Live @ 22:00 I think it will be my first attempt to present part of my project in english…

#15 My Porno Project – Cum on Cam

…a cyber friend inspired me for My Porno Project #15, so the above drawing is for him…

…main theme of My Porno Project #15 was paraphilias. I think that “Cum on Cam” is a contemporary form of paraphilia since it involves cyber exhibitionism/voyeurism

Exhibitionism can also be manipulated for activistic/political causes. Hence, the existence of Ukrainian protest group FEMEN who act “against sex tourists, international marriage agencies, sexism and other social, national and international ills.” (Wikipedia)

The above drawing is for the purpose of satisfying your Pictophilia: Sexual arousal gained from pornographic pictures or art… Enjoy!

You can listen to My Porno Project here: #15 cum on cam or my Homepage/Listen to My Porno Project (only in Greek)


Don’t forget to take a look at Alain de Benoist’s “25 Ethical Principles” through the Greek BDSM community (only in Greek)

#10 My Porno Project – Masturbation


#10 My Porno Project - Masturbation

Last Tuesday My Porno Project @ www.beton7artradio.gr with Spiros Derveniotis, was occupied in an act of group masturbation (physically and spiritually)

We’ve talked in general about the act of masturbation, presented through movies, literature, poems, and direct messages (on twitter mainly…!).

…one can hear “My Porno Project” #10 – Masturbation – here: #10 – Masturbation

…or through “Listen to My Porno Project” in my Homepage – Categories

…and this is the bonus drawing. Enjoy!

Does anyone know the size of their dicks???

This post is not really about the size of Greek politician’s dicks… (although, I honestly believe it must be medium to small). We all know by now, that size doesn’t really matter, if your sex life is really active, interesting and honest. The point here is that, even though we have one or two very handsome politicians (like the one pictured above) they act like loveless, hysteric, sexually starved spinsters. I have to admit that most of our politicians, are a little “chubby” (God forgive me!), but even they can have a healthy sex life. It doesn’t mean that because they “suck” on their politics, they can’t perform. On the opposite, I believe that “a good fuck” with their partner will prevent them from “fucking” us…