We Greeks – #25mgr

…we’ve spent a lot of time being like that

and not like that

…so we need to practice!

Syntagma square and the Greek parliament is a good place to start…

and don’t forget S o l i d a r i t y is everything!

In the Land of…

Yes! it’s a fact and I’m 100% convinced about it:

Greece is the land of “Sofa Theories” – you know where people lying in their sofas, fattening their asses and produce theories…

…and the land of “I told you so” – where people point their finger and swallow their own poison but unfortunately don’t die…

OUST! it’s a Greek expression for “get the hell out of my sight!”

May 11 in Athens

One day after the brutal murder of the Greek 44-year old father-to-be  in the centre of Athens, a block of migrants had the courage to march with Greeks crying out “SOLIDARITE”, while fascists nearby are chasing them to death (if possible) with stones…

Arsenic Contami-nation

A note inspired by recent arsenic findings in Athens’s atmosphere, racist handling of immigrants requesting asylum and so-called “nationalists” in Greece

Bon Appetit

A note inspired by Greek government‘s vice president  statement Mr. Pangalos about money depression in Greece and World Animal Day