The very beginning of Genesis tells us that God created man in order to give him dominion over fish and fowl and all creatures. Of course, Genesis was written by a man, not a horse. There is no certainty that God actually did grant man dominion over other creatures. What seems more likely, in fact, is that man invented God to sanctify the dominion that he had usurped for himself over the cow and the horse. Yes, the right to kill a deer or a cow is the only thing all of mankind can agree upon, even during the bloodiest of wars. The reason we take that right for granted is that we stand at the top of the hierarchy. But let a third party enter the game—a visitor from another planet, for example, someone to whom God says, Thou shalt have dominion over creatures of all other stars —and all at once taking Genesis for granted becomes problematical. Perhaps a man hitched to the cart of a Martian or roasted on the spit by inhabitants of the Milky Way will recall the veal cutlet he used to slice on his dinner plate and apologize (belatedly!) to the cow.



Artwork by Demi Kaia: “Genesis” pencil on paper – detail – 2017

#19 My Porno Project – Pornographic Drawing

This is me drawing… Anna’s perfect pussy

…and Lola just before…

photographed by Alex Kat

…and talking about Anna’s Book: “Mommy, why mine is not like yours” (only in Greek – so hold your horses) and Georges Bataille‘s, Madame Edwarda, Ma Mere, Le Mort…listening to exquisite nuevo tango by Daniel Melingo & Gerardo Di Giusto

…and thinking about how blur are the limits between pleasure and suffering, life and death

…listen to My Porno Project here  #19 Pornographic Drawing

#16 My Porno Project – Spasmic Porno Blend

…so many things began when his life was taken…(RIP Alexandros Grigoropoulos). My guest Dimitris Tanoudis, a young, awarded and very promising writer who enlightened me in many subjects, pornographic and not, is a genius not only when he writes but also when he communicates with other humans…

…unfortunately his brilliant book “Spasm” from Nefeli Publications, is only in Greek (hopefully it will be translated soon)

…you can listen to My Porno Project here: #16 Spasmic Porno Blend

or in the specific category of my homepage…

…enough said… Spasm…

#15 My Porno Project – Cum on Cam

…a cyber friend inspired me for My Porno Project #15, so the above drawing is for him…

…main theme of My Porno Project #15 was paraphilias. I think that “Cum on Cam” is a contemporary form of paraphilia since it involves cyber exhibitionism/voyeurism

Exhibitionism can also be manipulated for activistic/political causes. Hence, the existence of Ukrainian protest group FEMEN who act “against sex tourists, international marriage agencies, sexism and other social, national and international ills.” (Wikipedia)

The above drawing is for the purpose of satisfying your Pictophilia: Sexual arousal gained from pornographic pictures or art… Enjoy!

You can listen to My Porno Project here: #15 cum on cam or my Homepage/Listen to My Porno Project (only in Greek)


Don’t forget to take a look at Alain de Benoist’s “25 Ethical Principles” through the Greek BDSM community (only in Greek)

#12 My Porno Project – Video One (and only)

…with my new “partner” Lambros Bassaras, who handled the music section extremely well, last night at Beton7 Art Radio we had a worldwide first….! We played on air hardcore parts from Video One

…it’s “hard” to talk about perversions with a delicate manner. It’s easier for me to draw them, but last night we had a great audience who helped me a lot and I would like to thank them…!

…the text I was reading, was from the book “Manual of Stupidity” by Dionysis Charitopoulos

…you can listen to My Porno Project – Video One (and only) here: 14022012-demi or to my Home Page – Listen to My Porno Project