My Porno Project #2 – Downloading Section – Mrs Lamprou is the New Mona Lisa

#1 My Porno Project – Mrs Lamprou is the New Mona Lisa

…in Greek unfortunately – don’t forget I’m Greek after all…! Thanks for listening!

@Beton7 Art Radio – My Porno Project – #2 – Mrs Lamprou is the new Mona Lisa

                    Panayiotis Lamprou joined me last night @Beton7ArtRadio and “we “played” the radio game” (his words). It was a talk that had everything: Art, Politics, Poetry, Love, Sex, Pornography, Intimacy, Voyeurism, Decency. Like a proper talk should be.

Thank you Panayiotis


What is happening in our days

From “criminal of the day” (Lorenzo the parrot), to “holly crap” (public shitting in Syntagma square in Athens) and “why the fuss?” (portrait of my British wife), these are the happenings of our days. Like it or not, this is our reality…