I didn’t go to the comemmorative demonstration for Nov 17th… Why bother? I had last year’s notes…!

November 17th 2010 – November 17th 2011

Same old story… only with bigger police force… and less brains…!

Each country has it’s own problems…!

Evo Morales has to deal with the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), to underline his demand that the raw ingredient used to make cocaine cannot be removed from the United Nation’s list of prohibited drugs.

On the other hand Greece has to deal with Greeks…!

Does anyone know the size of their dicks???

This post is not really about the size of Greek politician’s dicks… (although, I honestly believe it must be medium to small). We all know by now, that size doesn’t really matter, if your sex life is really active, interesting and honest. The point here is that, even though we have one or two very handsome politicians (like the one pictured above) they act like loveless, hysteric, sexually starved spinsters. I have to admit that most of our politicians, are a little “chubby” (God forgive me!), but even they can have a healthy sex life. It doesn’t mean that because they “suck” on their politics, they can’t perform. On the opposite, I believe that “a good fuck” with their partner will prevent them from “fucking” us…

A nation in limbo

In limbo


In a state of being neglected and immobile, with no prospect of movement to a better place.

Limbo was on the border, not in Hell, but not in Heaven either, and ‘in limbo’ later came to take on the metaphorical meaning – ‘in prison’. Shakespeare used this in Henry VIII, 1613:

I have some of ’em in Limbo Patrum, and there they are like to dance these three days.

Soon after that, the meaning was extended to our current usage, which refers to any situation where someone or some project is confined and neglected, with nowhere to go until something happens to restart it.

All of the above quoted from The Phrase Finder