#10 My Porno Project – Masturbation


#10 My Porno Project - Masturbation

Last Tuesday My Porno Project @ www.beton7artradio.gr with Spiros Derveniotis, was occupied in an act of group masturbation (physically and spiritually)

We’ve talked in general about the act of masturbation, presented through movies, literature, poems, and direct messages (on twitter mainly…!).

…one can hear “My Porno Project” #10 – Masturbation – here: #10 – Masturbation

…or through “Listen to My Porno Project” in my Homepage – Categories

…and this is the bonus drawing. Enjoy!

#7 My Porno Project – Occupy My Cunt

I had the most fantastic time in “My Porno Project” at Beton7 Art Radio last Tuesday with  Spyros Derveniotis, a well known comic creator, artist, writer and very cool guy.

Spyros participated at the interactive part of “My Porno Project” so he came to my studio before the broadcast and we had a two hour talk and drawing session completely naked.

He also gave me his drawing (the one with scorpio tattoo on my back) which I think is precious…

Listen to “My Porno Project” here:

#My Porno Project – Occupy my cunt

Occupy My Cunt

Tomorrow at My Porno Project live 22:00-23:00 @Beton7ArtRadio with my guest Spyros Derveniotis we will discuss about Erotic Comics and Occupy Wall Street (unfortunately in Greek), but the unique music by Loukas Dimitrellos is worldwide understood…! Before the live, Spyros will come to my studio and participate to the interactive part of My Porno Project, which means that we will discuss and keep notes from each other completely naked.