Tuesday is my favourite day of the week!

…tomorrow on My Porno Project #15 – Cum on Cam – we talk live from the studio of Beton7 art radio, about paraphilias… classic and contemporary…! Special foot fetish section inspired by an anonymous “participant” of My Porno Project. Music by Lambros Bassaras. Can “hardly” wait…

#12 My Porno Project – Video One (and only)

…with my new “partner” Lambros Bassaras, who handled the music section extremely well, last night at Beton7 Art Radio we had a worldwide first….! We played on air hardcore parts from Video One

…it’s “hard” to talk about perversions with a delicate manner. It’s easier for me to draw them, but last night we had a great audience who helped me a lot and I would like to thank them…!

…the text I was reading, was from the book “Manual of Stupidity” by Dionysis Charitopoulos

…you can listen to My Porno Project – Video One (and only) here: 14022012-demi or to my Home Page – Listen to My Porno Project