Is Louk the New Che Guevara?

Sitting at Syntagma yesterday afternoon, I saw Louk (Loukanikos-the rebel dog) wandering around a little bored, looking for some action… I started taking some pictures of him, when a kind man rushed to introduce the dog to me in case I didn’t know him. So he said: “this is not a simple stray dog – this dog is the reincarnation of Che Guevara…”

So this phrase got me thinking: “All we need is an inspiration… Does it matter if it’s not human???”

P.S.1 Louk made his way to Wikipedia! I’m so proud of him

P.S2 This post is dedicated to my new friend Federico from Spain

Wednesday the 23rd of February, 2011

It was a sunny day, today in Athens… Arriving at the museum to participate at the protest and strike for the Greek austerity policies I had the most warming welcome by the rebel dog!!!

I thought this was a good sign and start walking towards the Greek parliament in syntagma square… Alas! thousands of protesters were teargased and forced to abandon their marching blocks, others were burning cops and coffins, and the rest of the Greek people were having coffee and lunch on Monastiraki square and Thission…

It was just another ordinary day in the Greek capital…