All Time Porno Classic

It doesn’t really matter how you’ve played your cards in life, betting on devil or virtue……follow the snake…

…make love to a banana…or tasted a bit of flesh from your lover’s heart…growing old should find you whispering “If I had my live to live over I would have life filled-engulfed and consumed by lust…”

Vanessa Del Rio is the living example of that…

Look at me…

…and tell me what you see. Pornographic expression is bipolar… the way you stare begging for action, or the way pornography can be expressed through books, magazines, postcards, art, animation, sound recordings, films, video games, live cams, products… I will speak about pornographic expression tomorrow at My Porno Project @ Beton7 Art Radio… Live @ 22:00 I think it will be my first attempt to present part of my project in english…

#9 My Porno Project – Money, Bestiality, Russian Porn & Snuff

…live from the studio of Beton7 Art Radio at 22:00

Very interesting link is documentary film “Coming Soon”

I proudly present: Alexander Pistols – александр пистолетов

…found him through my gallerist’s son on Facebook and then on Vkontakte on a great performance/video where he literally fucks gorgeous woman on …video wall projection (how original – without sarcasm!) a Russian ex-pornstar, Alexander Pistols. He reminded me my childhood where I was aroused by images on magazines. How innocent…! He was involved in porn-torrent’s closure(…?), and his amateur video clip of his hit “You’re my destiny” is …exclusive in a russian avant garde way…!

@Beton7 Art Radio – My Porno Project – #2 – Mrs Lamprou is the new Mona Lisa

                    Panayiotis Lamprou joined me last night @Beton7ArtRadio and “we “played” the radio game” (his words). It was a talk that had everything: Art, Politics, Poetry, Love, Sex, Pornography, Intimacy, Voyeurism, Decency. Like a proper talk should be.

Thank you Panayiotis


This is not a pornographic blog… or not?

You ladies of merry England

Who have been to kiss the Duchess’s hand,

Pray, did you not lately observe in the show

A noble Italian called Signior Dildo?

From “Signior Dildo” by Lord John Wilmot