ANATOMIKA + me = A super horny Saturday!

I woke up this morning, turned on my laptop and there it was…! A beautiful gigantic cock featured by

…and then I discovered many other aspects of this blog and felt a little bit like Lucian Freud by drawing his model, friend and performance artist Leigh Bowery, cover featured by Acne Paper, photographed by another friend of them Bruce Bernard; or maybe a little bit like Robert Mapplethorpe (but with not enough luck since I spent a lot of time drawing and not enjoying live the hudge cock of the unknown man). 😉

…until I discovered through (always) a sexy photographer named Sylvain Norget who used to be a model himself…! Is that a banana in your pants or you’re just happy to see me???

the Body as City

This week I’m exhibiting this year’s work, along with my fellow artist and friend Nana Sachini at

I would like to notice that this is an extremely hard (political & social) week for Greece and I consider our resulting work part of this situation


Look mama! I vote

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Inspired by Greek local elections 2010, my favourite art fully on saturday,  and Guerrilla Girls, the 3 activist women artists who redifine the “f” word as “feminism” and not “fucking”.