#19 My Porno Project – Pornographic Drawing

This is me drawing… Anna’s perfect pussy

…and Lola just before…

photographed by Alex Kat

…and talking about Anna’s Book: “Mommy, why mine is not like yours” (only in Greek – so hold your horses) and Georges Bataille‘s, Madame Edwarda, Ma Mere, Le Mort…listening to exquisite nuevo tango by Daniel Melingo & Gerardo Di Giusto

…and thinking about how blur are the limits between pleasure and suffering, life and death

…listen to My Porno Project here  #19 Pornographic Drawing

Theories of sacrifice – Cracks of this carnival of a world

“I think there are two opposite kinds of Evil: the first one is related to the necessity of human activity going well and having the desired results and the other consists of deliberately violating some fundamental taboos like, for example, the taboo against murder or against some sexual possibilities.

The paradox of this carnival of a world – which in the most general sense is the paradox of emotion, but in the most specific sense is the paradox of sacrifice – ought to be considered with the most critical attention.”

Georges Bataille