The Athens Pornographic Times #1 – Butt sneafing is better than demonstrating

The greek text in the picture describes the boredom of a cute stray -wannabe Loukanikos– athenian dog who doesn’t understand why people in Greece always demonstrate about unemployment, homeless people, cut of public sector etc. All he wants is a nice walk under the Greek sun and a butt sneafing with the chubby stray female dog Zaza who is wandering in Ermou street…

“Hell no…! I’m not going to become Loukanikos this year…”

Let’s talk about corruption…!

Who is Mr. Pangalos to talk about “testing” teachers before recruiting them to public sector? I’m not against “testing”, I’m against the authority who perform the test and their judgement…

Who will question and “test” corrupted education system?

Who is Mr. Pangalos to joke about corrupted citizens who visit political offices and mislead politician to corruption…?

Who corrupted the citizens??? or maybe they were born corrupted???