Follow me I’m lost too

I discovered the cutest revolutionary group on twitter which is probably under the same umbrella since all the accounts have 0 following and many followers, plus they have the same pattern. I’m quoting some samples below, enjoy:

Activist Publication


The Activists Publication, created by artists, writers, bloggers, photographers, poets, dedicated to establishing a revolutionary information flow.

The Overt Dictionary


Redefining the world by redefining our lives.



This is my house, this is where I speak my thoughts, this is where I brutalize the masses.

Noam Chomski


This is Noam Chomski, I am the author of Manufacturing Dissent and other revolutionary pamphlets. No relation at all to Noam Chomsky.

Jesus Christ


They have tainted my name, they have abused my vision to sell hate, racism and war. I now speak.

The Starving Child


I am the starving child, the one starved by the IMF and World Bank policies, the one that everyone tries to forget, the one that you wish would just go away.

Activist Quotes


These are my favorite quotes from The Activists Publication. Powerful quotes that inspire me and will hopefully inspire you!