Friday’s Triptych: Lamprou – Zenakos – Fabre

My beloved artist Panayiotis Lamprou and his unique project about Greek Police Training Camp which can be seen in Athens Biennale – Monodrome at Arts Centre & Eleftherios Venizelos Museum

I will have the pleasure to have Panayiotis with me at my 2nd radio broadcast at Beton7 Art Radio


Augustine Zenako’s speech about whether art can really be political in our days, was my 2nd stop.

Extremely interesting & honest speech
















My 3rd stop was Jan Fabre‘s Prometheus Landsape II at Pallas theatre. Loved the fact that one of the play’s dancer was 4 months pregnant and her little belly was obvious…


The cute mess in my post was not intentional. I battled with wordpress and he won…

As for the Butt Plug, is an artwork made spontaneously when I was trying to explain to a friend what a butt plug is… Enjoy!

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