Wear you horns



I quote from Wikipedia:

Cuckold is a historic derogatory term for a man who has an unfaithful wife. The word, which has been in recorded use since the 13th century, derives from the cuckoo which gives up nurturing its own by laying eggs in other birds’ nests.

In modern terms, a cuckold can also mean a male fetishist who gains sexual gratification from watching his partner have intercourse with other people or having a wife who dates other men, often with the husband’s approval.

Cuckolds have sometimes been written as “wearing the horns of a cuckold” or just “wearing the horns”.-

…in Greece the expression “horner man” or “horner woman” is much more widespread than cuckhold. I think that if you find out that you have been “deceived” by your man or woman, best way to wear your horns is the above (pictured). Tears & dramas will lead you nowhere. This is the only way to forget/forgive and achieve a good orgasm…!


4 thoughts on “Wear you horns

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