The Speaking Trumbet

…I was thinking that now with the degrade of television (especially in Greece) and the worldwide economic crisis, people (who cannot access internet) must be informed with old traditional ways. One of them is the Speaking Trumpet!

Since I’ve been living for two months in a village out of Athens, my brain wash from the local theatrical team and the junk dealer of the area has been enormous, so why not using the Speaking Trumpet for more productive reasons…?

For example:

“Don’t fuckin throw your garbage in the blue recycle bin WITH the bag – you morons”

“Fuck more and quit dealing with politics – you will become better human beings”

“But don’t forget your condoms – we don’t want any more miserable children on this planet”

“Be honest with your self and others – tell them what make you feel horny – you will be relieved”

“Stop IVF you Narcissistic Bastards and adopt a child, they are plenty in the garbadge – you threw them WITH the bag, idiots ”



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