22 thoughts on “Better Trans than Homo…?

  1. “Forced” gender reassignment seems to be one of the ways that Iran deals with male homosexuality. It’s what happens when one combines reasonably advanced technology with stunted morals.

    • I’m not sure that political and social freedom or that lack thereof are pertinent in regards to homosexuality within the Muslim World.

    • I was referring mostly to the regressive Islamic jurisprudence which leads to those elements. I love the image of the muslim bride in your blog, I will definitely draw her…

    • And how much of that “regression” is actually against the will of the Muslim peoples?

      Look at the Saudis. Many of the most regressive parts of their jurisprudence are solely fikh (Religious Rulings) and have no basis in the Kingdom’s actual laws – and it is the majority of the people there who support those religious rulings to such an extent that they have at least the weight of actual law.

    • are you sure it’s the majority of the people? I’ve met a lot of Saudis in my life and they all behave completely different in Europe as they do in their own land.

    • Note that you said they behave differently in Europe than they do in the Kingdom… Back home they, by and large, only complain when the more regressive policies are lifted or weakened – the Shiite minority being an exception since they have sectarian axes to grind.

    • the Kingdom of hypocricy… it’s scary to know that they have so much power. On the other hand evil is so seductive… especially when it’s forbidden

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