In the Land of…

Yes! it’s a fact and I’m 100% convinced about it:

Greece is the land of “Sofa Theories” – you know where people lying in their sofas, fattening their asses and produce theories…

…and the land of “I told you so” – where people point their finger and swallow their own poison but unfortunately don’t die…

OUST! it’s a Greek expression for “get the hell out of my sight!”

One thought on “In the Land of…

  1. Degh writes The mass media catapult these half-truths into a kind of twilight zone where people can make their guesses sound as truths. states in that the Soviets with and a formidable scientific community able to analyze NASA data would have cried foul if the United States tried to fake a Moon landing especially since their own program had failed. Others have claimed that with all the known and unknown hazards NASA would not have risked the public humiliation of astronauts crashing to their deaths on the lunar surface broadcast on live TV.

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