May 11 in Athens

One day after the brutal murder of the Greek 44-year old father-to-be  in the centre of Athens, a block of migrants had the courage to march with Greeks crying out “SOLIDARITE”, while fascists nearby are chasing them to death (if possible) with stones…

6 thoughts on “May 11 in Athens

  1. But the exercise is slow because we are using hoes to dig the dead bodies out of the thick mud Kevin Nabutuwa said…Malcolm Webb a journalist in Uganda told Al Jazeera hundreds of people were helping to dig bodies out of the mud… Theres been about 200 Ugandan army soldiers and tens of staff from the Uganda Red Cross helping to dig … But still most of the digging beens done by volunteers from the community and mostly done with tools with sticks hoes and spades. ..He said getting heavy machinery into the area was not possible with the villages being two hours walk along a muddy track from the nearest road…………………..The landslide which hit on Monday night after seven hours of rain engulfed the village of Nametsi near the Kenyan border burying houses people and livestock…The government said three villages with more than 3 000 residents were badly hit and mudslides were feared in five other districts experiencing deluges…Parts of Uganda and neighbouring Kenya have had sustained rainfall over much of the past two months which is usually a dry period between rainy seasons and floods are already plaguing large areas…Unusually heavy rains also battered eastern Uganda in 2007 and forced 2 000 people from their homes and affected 50 000 people in what humanitarian officials said were the worst rains in 35 years… You hereby provide us with an irrevocable unlimited and global license for no consideration to ….use reuse delete or publish comments in accordance with and …..

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