Vittorio Arrigoni

“Take a litter of kittens and put them in a box,” he says Jamal, a surgeon at Al Shifa the main hospital in Gaza, while a nurse leaves in front of us, on the ground a couple of cardboard boxes, covered with splashes of blood.
“Close the box now, and with all your weight and your whole strength jumped up on it to hear the sound of bones breaking, and the last meow drowning.” As I look at the boxes dumbfounded, the doctor continues:
“Try now to imagine what would happen after the publication of such an event, a perfectly fair reaction of the international public opinion, the complaints of organizations for animal rights …” the doctor continues his account, and I can’t manage to stop looking over these boxes that are placed right in front of my feet. “Israel locked up hundreds of people  inside a school as if it were a box, dozens of children and then stepped on it, by bombing it. And what was the reaction around the world? Almost none. We would have been safer if we had were born as animals, instead of Palestinians
At this point, the doctor pays attention to one of these boxes, and opens it before me. Inside are human limbs, hands and legs from the knee and below or whole human parts that belonged to wounded amputees and they were brought from the school of the United Nations Al Fakhura di Jabalia, where the victims are over 50 so far. I excuse my self to Jamal, saying that I have to make a phone call and I rush to the toilet where I throw up… ”

Vittorio Arrigoni Gaza, January 8, 2009

…one should see the following link of the Israeli news… mmmm! interesting

9 thoughts on “Vittorio Arrigoni

  1. the last post from his blog (13/4/11), roughly translated from Italian was the following:

    “4 people died last night from the collapse of a tunnel dug by Palestinians in the Rafah border. Through the tunnel pass all the necessary goods that have enabled the survival of the population of Gaza strangled by four years by the criminal Israeli siege. Main assets such as food, cement, livestock are transporting through this tunnel.

    Even the hospitals in the Gaza Strip from the black market will cater for the tunnel.

    Since the beginning of the siege more than 300 Palestinians have died at work in the ground to allow a population of nearly 2 million people to feed themselves.

    It ‘an invisible war for survival.

    The names of last martyrs are: Abdel Halim and his brother Samir Abd al-Rahman Alhqra, 22 years and 38 years, Haitham Mostafa Mansour, 20, and Abdel-Rahman Muhaisin 28 years old.

    Remain Human

    Vik from Gaza City

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