A Short Travel to Yemen

When I began my virtual travel to Yemen, the first thing that stroke my feminine nature was the “child brides” theme. The numbers are socking, since 52% of women there are getting married before puberty. Yemen is a very traditional islamic country… They simply follow the example of prophet Muhammad, who married Aisha when she was 6 years old, and 9 when he consumated their marriage…!

On the other hand, Yemen is a country in the Arab peninsula that has all exotic elements of  “One thousand and One nights” folk tales, without the romantic element of the story. The structure of the cities,  the existence of sheikhs (they rise and shine), the unexpected rebellion of the people.

While I was drawing, I was reading (yes, I can do both simultaneously) a very interesting article by the N.Y. Times: “Is Yemen the Next Afghanistan?” Suprisingly, this american article by Robert F. Worth, published in July 6th, 2010 (before the African uprising) was my virtual transportation to the country. I strongly recommented it…


2 thoughts on “A Short Travel to Yemen

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