Japan is so far away from our ass!





























I quote from Euronews just for the history and my tags:

“An international tsunami alert has been issued across the Pacific Ocean, following a massive earthquake off the coast of Japan.

Giant waves have already crashed inland in the north of the country, causing extensive damage, flooding houses and farmland.

The earthquake measuring 8.9 is the biggest to hit Japan since records began 140 years ago.”


One thought on “Japan is so far away from our ass!

  1. It’s Monday morning 14/3 and so far more than 10.000 (…!) people are dead, plus Japan authorities are doing their best to avoid nuclear meltdown…
    I quote from Euronews:
    One lady complained that the local government was not telling people what to do. “They are basically ignoring us. And are just telling us to clean up on our own. Nobody is coming here. They are just coming to take photos and that’s about it,” she said.

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