Let’s talk about corruption…!

Who is Mr. Pangalos to talk about “testing” teachers before recruiting them to public sector? I’m not against “testing”, I’m against the authority who perform the test and their judgement…

Who will question and “test” corrupted education system?

Who is Mr. Pangalos to joke about corrupted citizens who visit political offices and mislead politician to corruption…?

Who corrupted the citizens??? or maybe they were born corrupted???

One thought on “Let’s talk about corruption…!

  1. An international campaign to prevent the UK government deporting Pegah Emambakhsh to Iran where she fears persecution for being a lesbian has so far succeeded in getting her .Pegah in the UK in 2005 her claim failed despite appeals and she was arrested in Sheffield on Monday 13th August and is being detained in Yarlswood detention centre.Her case has been by the who have said If she is going to be returned to Iran there is much of possibility that she due to her sexual orientation and her past life in Iran will be sentenced to death or in a most optimistic view be prosecuted and tortured in some of the ways that are all common among Irans religious officials when having made the decision to chastise the so called corrupted citizens. .The global anti-deportation campaign which has included approaches to the British ambassador in and the Deputy Consul General in has resulted in her case getting coverage in the the and the gay press around the .

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