Look mama! I’m a doll…


Today, it was a day like all the other days… With my cup of coffee infront of my laptop searching for my next topic… One of my friends on facebook had a link (documentary film from Reuters)  on a Japanese man who lives his domestic life with a bunch of sex dolls

I thought it was interesting enough for my little black porno book and begun my searching. The video about Japanese sex dolls that I encountered was repulsive. Dummies that looked exactly like young little girls (8-12 years-old) silicone made sex dolls that looked happilly innocent on a photo gallery video (youtube). Searching more I found out that these “dolls” cost aroung 6,000 dollars and I couldn’t help wondering how can someone be less pedophile by having sexual intercourse with one of these dolls, from someone who is doing it with a real child. The title of the video is

Let’s guess which girl is a real girl (which one is a doll?)

as if there was a chance a real child could be in the middle of these cute dummies…


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